segunda-feira, 27 de julho de 2009


Brother Where You Bound, an 18-minute film written and directed by Rene Daalder and starring actor Chris Mulkey, who also appeared in the feature films First Blood and Ghost in the Machine and on the television shows Twin Peaks, Bakersfield P.D, Grace Under Fire, and Any Day Now. Both the album and the film became dated rather quickly because they addressed cold war paranoia. Nevertheless, Daalder's film is interesting. The fascinating opening sequence depicts a military officer giving an insightful speech about the nature and future of war, as an animated history of the evolution of weaponry plays on a screen behind him. Although the plot is ambiguous, apparently Mulkey's character is a Vietnam veteran who protests the military and is arrested. He quickly escapes, and much of the rest of the film is a chase scene, with Mulkey being pursued by police and other shadowy figures. The creepiest scene involves bizarre-looking people surrounding him on a bus. Mulkey escapes on a motorcycle, and Daalder piles on fireworks and laser effects during this eye-melting finale.

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